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  1. Gary Whittaker, Microbiology and Immunology

    Gary Whittaker

    Title: Professor
    Department: Microbiology & Immunology

    Roles: Faculty Investigator, Potential Undergraduate Mentor

    Research Areas: Animal Hosts, Bacteria, Disease Ecology and Evolution, Genetics, Genomics and Cell Biology of Infection, Veterinary/Clinical Research, Viruses

    My lab has a broad interest in the structure and function of viral envelope proteins, and how genomic mutations lead to changes in the envelope proteins and control viral pathogenesis. We primarily study influenza viruses of humans and animals, and coronaviruses, principally, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and feline coronaviruses.  We are developing novel vaccines and diagnostic tests. Twitter: @whittakerIDlab

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  2. Xiangtao Xu, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Xiangtao Xu

    Title: Assistant Professor
    Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Roles: Faculty Investigator

    Research Areas: Agriculture Research, Fungi

    I am an ecosystem ecologist interested in the patterns, mechanisms, and consequences of the interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and the environment. My research program uses process-based ecosystem models as ‘numerical greenhouses’ to integrate the every-increasing heterogeneous data sets in ecology (e.g. synthesis in traits, ground census, flux tower, and remote sensing) and to conduct experiments that help to answer the above questions.

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