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Gerlinde Van de Walle

With a dual focus on viral pathogenesis and stem cell biology, the objective of Dr. Gerlinde Van de Walle’s research is to open up new avenues towards therapeutic intervention by better understanding the pathogenesis of diseases important to veterinary and human medicine. To this end, her lab uses various model systems, including in vitro 2D cell cultures, ex vivo 3D explant and organoid models, and in vivo rodent and large animal models. Many veterinary species are naturally susceptible to pathogens closely related to those that infect humans.  Since these animal and human pathogens frequently share similar pathogenesis profiles, animal diseases might be considered translational models for their human counterparts. The viruses we currently study are equine hepatitis-associated viruses, (including equine hepacivirus and equine parvovirus-hepatitis), equine herpesviruses, and feline herpesvirus type 1.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Microbiology & Immunology

Roles: Faculty

Research Areas: