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About Us

The Cornell Institute of Host-Microbe Interactions and Disease (CIHMID) is composed of researchers at Cornell University, united in the common pursuit of understanding host-microbe biology.

CIHMID scientists study all aspects of beneficial and pathogenic interactions between bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their plant and animal hosts. CIHMID is conceptually based in the theme that common principles governing host-microbe interactions span systems, and that the highest-quality science emerges from robust and collaborative engagement among scientists in different subdisciplines. Our organization provides a structure for building community, providing training at all levels, and supporting innovative research.

CIHMID was launched in January 2017 under funding from Cornell’s Office of the Provost and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. CIHMID has since grown to include research programs of more than 55 faculty members campus-wide, representing seven colleges and administrative units across the breadth of life sciences at Cornell.

CIHMID activities include support for research and collaboration, training programs for postdoctoral and undergraduate researchers, topical journal clubs, and research seminars and symposia.

Please explore our website to get a fuller picture of what we do, and subscribe to our email list for updates about activities.