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Nicolas Buchon

Nicholas Buchon, Department of Entomology

The Buchon lab focuses on the impact of pathogens and the microbiota on body homeostasis. We use systemic infection as a model for septicemia, and the gut response to infection as a model for mucosal immunity. Genomic and genetic approaches allow us to characterize new pathways involved in both resistance and tolerance to infection. Specifically, we are interested in the three-way dialogue between gut microbes, intestinal stem cells, and gut structure and function.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Entomology

Roles: Faculty Investigator, Potential Postdoc Mentor

Research Areas: Animal Hosts, Bacteria, Disease Ecology and Evolution, Fungi, Genetics, Genomics and Cell Biology of Infection, Microbiota and Microbiomes, Veterinary/Clinical Research, Viruses