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Laura Harrington

Laura Harrington, Entomolgy

My research focuses on the biology, ecology and behavior of mosquitoes that transmit human diseases such as dengue fever, West Nile virus and malaria. I have developed methods for studying blood feeding patterns, survival and longevity, mating behavior and feeding behavior of mosquitoes in both the laboratory and field. I am additionally interested in evaluating mating competition and fitness of transgenic mosquitoes prior to field deployment. We also work on tick ecology and control including work with the Lyme disease vector I. scapularis and the invasive Asian Longhorned tick H. longicornis.

Title: Professor

Department: Entomology

Roles: Faculty Investigator, Potential Postdoc Mentor, Potential Undergraduate Mentor

Research Areas: Animal Hosts, Disease Ecology and Evolution, Genetics, Genomics and Cell Biology of Infection, Viruses