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Scott Keith

Scott Keith, CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellow

Scott’s research investigates how endocrine signaling networks regulate animals’ physiological responses to pathogenic microbes. He uses the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a genetically tractable model to investigate the mechanisms by which several key insect hormones and their cognate nuclear receptors both directly and indirectly modulate innate immune responses during systemic bacterial infection. Ultimately, his work aims to understand how hormonal regulation of distinct but intertwined physiological traits (namely immunity, metabolism, and reproduction) affects the susceptibility of individuals to infectious disease, and how these regulatory mechanisms might drive adaptive changes in immune system performance across populations.

Title: CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Entomology

Roles: CIHMID Postdoc

Research Areas: Animal Hosts, Disease Ecology and Evolution, Genetics, Genomics and Cell Biology of Infection, Microbiota and Microbiomes, Viruses