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Brandon Hollingsworth

Brandon Hollingsworth, CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellow

I am interested in finding better ways of controlling the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the main vector of dengue and Zika viruses. Specifically, I am interested in determining how they move through their environment and the effect that has on different control strategies. The mosquito virome, the collection of viruses in individual mosquitoes, contains a plethora of information on where each mosquito has been.  Using a combination of population genetics, ecological studies, and modeling techniques I plan to use the Ae. aegypti virome to better understand how Ae. aegypti moves through heterogeneous environments.  This information can then be used to inform the next generation of mosquito control programs.

Title: CIHMID Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Entomology

Roles: Faculty

Research Areas: Animal Hosts, Disease Ecology and Evolution, Genetics, Genomics and Cell Biology of Infection, Viruses