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REU Research Themes and Potential Projects

The MFF REU program places undergraduates in labs for hands-on research experience on a specific project. As the host labs are always rotating depending on availability and access, students should identify specific research themes in which they are interested. The REU organizers will then pair the student with a lab engaging with those same themes. Below are the central research themes and some of the host labs who typically engage with the subject.

For a complete list of CIHMID PIs and their associated research, please visit our PEOPLE page, select Potential MFF (REU) Host to view the mentor labs and their associated research themes.



AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH: Bogdanove Lab, Buckley Lab, Casteel Lab, Heck Lab, Pawlowska Lab

ANIMAL HOSTS: Angert Lab, Buchon Lab, Harrington Lab, Hendry Lab, Lazzaro Lab, Rudd Lab

BACTERIA: August Lab, Dorr Lab, Helmann Lab, Johnson Lab

DISEASE ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION: Brito Lab, Ellner Lab, Kessler Lab, Leifer Lab, McArt Lab, Moreau Lab

FUNGI: Pawlowska Lab, Xu Lab

GENETICS, GENOMICS, AND CELL BIOLOGY OF INFECTION: Brito Lab, Dhondt Lab, Messer Lab, Moeller Lab, Murdock Lab, Song Lab, Whittaker Lab

IMMUNOLOGY: August Lab, Leifer Lab, Parrish Lab, Rudd Lab, Song Lab, Whittaker Lab

MICROBIOTA AND MICROBIOMES: August Lab, Bogdanove Lab, Buckley Lab, Myers Lab, Parrish Lab

PLANT HOSTS: Helmann Lab, Hendry Lab, Kao-Kniffin Lab, Harrison Lab

VETERINARY/CLINICAL RESEARCH: Buchon Lab, Dorr Lab, Johnson Lab, Leifer Lab, Poole Lab 

VIRUSES: Casteel Lab, Harrington Lab, Leifer Lab, Parrish Lab, Rudd Lab