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REU and URE participants

REU + URE in-person week, 2021

After working and studying remotely all summer, the 2021 cohort of Microbial Friends & Foes REU students, and CIHMID’s Undergraduate Research Experience students were on campus for the final week of the program. They traveled to Cornell’s beautiful (if hilly!) campus to spend a week bonding with their labs, and presenting scientific posters of the research conducted this summer. It was a great opportunity for these students to get a taste of the hands-on lab experience this program proudly provides in otherwise ‘normal’ years. Congrats to the 2021 cohort for being such great scientists, and such good sports.

finally meeting in person!The cohort finally meets in person. With ice cream!


Waiting [patiently] for the research symposium to begin.

A great presentation from URE student Destiny Okoro.


The presentations were well-researched, and timely.


They’re smiling behind their masks.


The CIHMID URE cohort with Dr. Tory Hendry (right), looking proud.


The REU students, looking relieved with PIs Dr. Tory Hendry, Dr. Teresa Pawlowska, and Dr. Esther Angert.


Staying cool on one of the hottest days of the summer.


Setup/breakdown are important parts of the symposium process.