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Mechanisms of Virus-Host Interactions

The main focus of our research program is to elucidate key mechanistic components in enveloped viruses and their target host cells that: 1] mediate viral entry into cells, 2] elicit cell immune responses, and 3] mediate viral egress from cells. Within our lab, these studies lead to the design, development, and testing of novel antiviral agents and vaccines. Among the enveloped viruses, we focus a significant portion of our efforts on the deadly and zoonotic Nipah and Hendra viruses, but are also interested in other emerging and zoonotic viruses including influenza virus. Our highly multi-disciplinary approaches include: basic biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, omics, organic chemistry, and animal model studies. We are interested in highly-motivated post-doctoral candidates proposing projects that explore host-virus interactions using these or other multidisciplinary approaches.