Symbiosis and Cooperation Group

The Symbiosis & Cooperation Group provides a forum for students, postdocs and PIs who work on various symbiotic and cooperative systems.  We meet once a month for research updates, to exchange ideas and for social interactions.  The Group meets on the second Thursday of the month from 12:20 – 1:05 PM in Stocking Hall, room 202.  Pizza and beverages are provided.  Open to anyone interested.


Spring 2020 semester dates:

Thurs, February 13  ​

Thurs, March 12

Thurs, April 9  ​

Thurs, May 14


Fall 2019 semester:

Friday, October 11:  ​Anat Belasen will present “Friends and Foes: Skin microbiome communities of the Brazilian frog Thoropa taophora

Spring 2019 semester:

Thurs, Apr 11:  ​Allison Tracy will present “Corals fighting on all fronts: Understanding the role of multiple parasites in coral disease”

Thurs, Mar 14:  ​Josh Garcia will present “Developing Crop Microbiomes for Enhanced Plant Productivity”

Thurs, Feb 14:  Liz Johnson will present “Production of sphingolipids by gut Bacteroides regulates host sphingolipid homeostasis”

Thurs, January 10:  Penelope Lindsay will present “A phosphate-dependent requirement for the transcription factors IPD3 and IPD3L during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in Medicago truncatula

Fall 2018 semester:

Fri, Dec 14: Presentation by Lena Maria Mueller “Peptide signaling during arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis”

Fri, Nov 9: Jon Sanders will present “The evolution of the tetrapod gut microbiome”.

​Friday, Oct 12
resentation by Prof. Andy Moeller “Adaptation of mammalian species to the gut microbiota”

Fri, Sept 14
resentation by Chase Mayers “Food of the gods and of beetles: co-adaptations between ambrosia fungi and the spore-carrying organs of their ambrosia beetle farmers”

Spring 2018 semester:

Tues, Apr 17
Dr. Rasheed Adeleke is visiting from the ARC Institute for Soil, Climate & Water, Pretoria, South Africa, and will present “Negative or positive: Impact of genetic modification of Bt maize on ecosystem functioning?”.

Friday, Mar 9:
Karen Aidair will present “Community assembly of Drososphila melanogaster microbiota.”

Friday, February 9:
Xiaoli Bing will present “From pathogen to microbiota: Host-Microbe interactions in Drosophila suzukii”

Friday, January 12:
Lydia Baker will present “The functional properties and impact of bacteria associated with marine diatoms”.

Spring 2017 semester: 

Friday, May 12
Melanie Smee on “Choose your partner carefully: interactions between multiple symbionts in the pea aphid???”

Friday, April 14
Olga Lastovetsky will present “Distribution and population structure of bacterial endosymbionts in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from dunes.”

Friday, March 10
Dr. Adam Wong will present his research, “Quorum sensing regulates insect-gut microbe metabolic interactions and pathogenesis”.

Friday, February 10
David Sannino will present a research seminar “The contribution of thiamin from the microbiota to Drosophila melanogaster”.