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Undergraduate Research Experience for CU students (URE)

Program Organizer
Tory Hendry, Microbiology

Please check back with us in the fall (2024)

Goals and Overview

The CIHMID Undergraduate Research Experience Program aims to create research opportunities for undergraduate students interested in pursuing independent projects in the area of host-microbe interactions.  In addition to research in a CIHMID lab, the program includes elements of structured mentoring and professional development in a cohesive and interactive undergraduate research community.

During the academic year, students will engage in mentored research in the laboratory of a CIHMID faculty member. Students involved in the program during the academic year will be encouraged to apply for a CIHMID-sponsored stipend to conduct research in their host labs during ten weeks of summer.  Program participants will present their research findings at the end of the academic year or the end of the summer program.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Tory Hendry,


Program Structure

Academic Year

Each student will work in a CIHMID laboratory under the guidance of faculty advisor, and may work closely with a graduate student or postdoctoral mentor in the lab.  During the academic year, students participating in the program may do so for research credit or for wage paid by the host laboratory.  Students wishing to perform research for credit should do so in accordance with the Cornell standard of 1 credit per 3 hours of research and should enroll in BioG 4990 or an analogous course within the appropriate major.  Research credits must be approved by the faculty mentor in advance of registration.


Students will be encouraged to continue research in their host labs over the summer. Students who are in good standing during the academic year program may apply for a CHIMID summer appointment to be paid at $15.50/hr for 30-40 hours per week over a period of 10 weeks.  Summer students are expected to present their research at the CIHMID Summer Symposium and/or Summer Program Poster Session.


Recruitment and Selection

Students in their sophomore and junior years are eligible to apply.  Previous research experience is not required, although students who are already researching within CIHMID labs are welcome to apply. Potential host labs and mentors must be a part of CIHMID (see PEOPLE page) and students may develop their own independent projects in collaboration with their CIHMID faculty host. The research conducted as part of the CIHMID program may contribute to undergraduate Honors at graduation.

Application for the academic year program will require submission of a personal statement describing student’s research interests, relevant coursework, prior research experience, and how participation in the CIHMID URE program fits into student’s future academic and professional plans. Applications may be submitted here. The program organizers will work with prospective mentors to place students who are accepted into the program.

Applications to the summer program will take place in the spring semester and will be available to students who have been in good standing in the program throughout the academic year.  Summer applications will consist of a two-page proposal detailing an independent research project that the student will conduct in the host lab.  This proposal should provide context for the research question and should summarize any previous research that the student has done.  Program organizers will select participants for the competitive summer opportunity, with preference given to students who have not previously been awarded CIHMID summer support.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Tory Hendry,