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Recommendation Letters for Microbial Friends and Foes

Recommending a student to the Microbial Friends & Foes REU Program, Summer 2021 Cornell University

The Microbial Friends & Foes REU Program provides excellent opportunities for students to engage in life science research.  In addition to hands-on research experience, participants develop a conceptual framework for understanding interspecific interactions.  Professional development activities prepare students for future careers.  Successful applicants will have an interest in interspecific interactions, natural curiosity, enthusiasm, motivation, and the ability to work collaboratively.  Although previous research experience is not required, applicants are expected to have completed some introductory biology courses.

In your recommendation letter, please comment on the applicant’s characteristics as they relate to participation in the Microbial Friends & Foes REU Program.  Please also include any other information that may be helpful in evaluating the applicant.  Submit your letter no later than March 1, 2021.

Questions? Please contact Teresa Pawlowska

NOTE: DUE TO THE UNCERTAINTIES SURROUNDING COVID-19 IN NEW YORK STATE, the program’s features and requirements may change. The program is intended to operate in person, but all potential projects can be completed in person, or remotely. Should circumstances require the program to be held remotely, all program participants will be notified. 



The MFF REU is no longer accepting recommendation letters.

Please contact Teresa Pawlowska - - with any questions. Thank you.