MFF REU Alumni

CIHMID Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) alumni

Summer 2019

Kaitha Agnant, CIHMID REU student 2019

Kaitha Agnant, St. John’s University

Faculty Host: Esther Angert 

Examining morphology and phylogeny: An analysis of Epulopiscium spp. F and G phylotypes in Acanthurus olivaceus and Ctenochaetus striatus.





Michael Areheart, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Michael Areheart, University of South Carolina

Faculty Host: Nicolas Buchon 

Aedes aegypti’s response to undection with a panel of selected microbes.






Cody Bloomfield, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Cody Bloomfield, Smith College

Faculty Host: Tory Hendry

Butterfly-Bacteria-Brassica: Styudying tripartite interactions in the phyllosphere.






Tina Chen, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Tina Chen, University of South Carolina

Faculty Host: Joe Peters

Transposons Tn7 and Tn7-like elements that allow adaptations with pathogens and commensal bacteria.






Crystal De Jesus Rivera, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Crystal N. De Jesús Rivera, University of Puerto Rico

 Faculty Host: Rebecca Nelson

Analysis of polymorphisms in genes that encode lignin-related proteins in near-isogenic lines.






Mesly Mata, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Mesly Mata, Oklahoma State University

Faculty Host: Scott McArt 

Pathogen transmission in leaf-cutter bees.






Tyra Onley, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Tyra Onley, Saint Augustine’s University

Faculty Host: Liz Johnson 

Identification of bacteria interaction with dietary sphingolipids inside the gut microbiome.






Tifani Panek, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Tifani Panek, Davidson College

Faculty Host: Maren Vitousek 

The role of gut microbiota in avian cold tolerance.






Sonile Peck, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Sonile Peck, University of Florida

Faculty Host: Laura Harrington 

Effect of blood meals on estimates of sugar feeding in Aedes albopictus. 






Vanessa Viveros, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Vanessa Viveros, Los Medanos College

Faculty Host: Corrie Moreau 

What is driving the microbiome diversity in Cephalotes genus?






Elias West, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Elias West, Loyola Marymount University

Faculty Host: Ilana Brito 

Transformation and recombination of free DNA containing antibiotic resistance genes in Acinetobacter baylyi. 





Danyel Yogi, CIHMID REU summer 2019

Danyel Yogi, University of Hawaii at Mānoa

Faculty Host: Teresa Pawlowska

The role of Candidatus Moeniiplasma glomeromycotorum (Ca Mg) towards spore germination and sporulation of Rhizophagus clarus in culture.





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