CIHMID Seminars

Seminars of Interest – FALL 2020
Compiled list of seminars in host-microbe biology and CIHMID-relevant subjects from around Cornell’s campus. If you know of talks that should be on our list, email us so we can include them. 

*NOTE: All seminars will be held virtually; Zoom details are provided in each entry – please direct questions about accessing specific seminars to the host/department listed.


  • Friday, Sept. 4, 12:15, Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Mitchell Kronenberg, PhD, President & Chief Scientific Officer Division of Development Immunology, La Jolla Institute for Immunology “Many pathways: a TNF family receptor that influences the microbiome, tissue function and mucosal immunity” Email: for Zoom info

  • Wednesday, Sept. 9, 12:40 PM, PPPMB – Sophien Kamoun The Sainsbury Laboratory “Beyond single genes: how receptor networks underpin plant immunity” SIPS Seminar, Host: Alan Collmer, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46), Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)
  • Thursday, Sept. 10, 4:10 – Microbiology – Dr. Michael D. L. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Immunobiology and BIO5 Institute, The University of Arizona “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Copper II” ZOOM:  Password: 945651
  • Friday, Sept. 11, 12:15, Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Cynthia Leifer, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunology, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine Cornell University “Inside Out: regulation of macrophage innate immunity and inflammation” Email: for Zoom info
  • Friday, Sept. 11, 4:00 PM, PPPMB –  Neelima Sinha UC Davis “The arms race between the parasite Cuscuta and its tomato host ” Life Sciences Lecture Series, Hosts: Adrienne Roeder & Mariana Wolfner, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)

  • Wednesday, Sept. 16, 12:40 PM, PPPMB –  Libo Shan Texas A&M University “Non-self recognition in plant immunity” SIPS Plenary, Host: Adam Bogdanove, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)
  • Friday, Sept. 18, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Joe Peters, PhD, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Microbiology,Cornell University “Pathogenicity Islands from Tn7 Elements: Safe Sites, Mobile Plasmids, CRISPR/Cas and Beyond” Email: for Zoom info

  • Monday, Sept. 21, 12:20 – EEB – Tory Hendry, Cornell, “Evolutionary and ecological genomics of bacteria in host associations,” Host: Geber, -Meeting ID: 923 9806 2793 – Passcode: eebseminar
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23, 12:40 – PPPMB –Ping He Texas A&M University “How do plants activate defense without running amok? Lessons from genetics” SIPS Plenary, Host: Greg Martin, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)
  • Friday, Sept. 25, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet)Pamela Schwartzberg, MD, PhD, Chief, Cell Signaling and Immunity Section, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases “Integrating T cell signals: Lessons from primary immunodeficiencies” Email: for Zoom info

  • Friday, Oct. 2, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Jenny Ting, PhD, William Rand Kenan Professor, Department of Genetics; Director, Center for Translational Immunology School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Crosstalk of innate immune receptors with the microbiota and adaptive immunity in autoimmunity and cancer” Email: for Zoom info

  • Wednesday, Oct. 7, 12:40 PM, PPPMB – Steve Lindow UC Berkely “Assembly of epiphytic bacterial communities on plants and their interactions with the plant host: insights for managing the plant microbiome” Host: Tyler Helmann,  ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)

  • Wednesday, Oct. 14, 12:40 PM, PPPMB – Scott Baker Environmental Molecular Sci Div Pacific Northwest National Laboratory “From flies to fungi and genes to phenotypes” Host: Gillian Turgeon,  ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)
  • Friday, Oct, 16, 2020, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) Eric Sundberg, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry, Emory University School of MedicineImaging and imagining bacterial flagella” Email: for Zoom info

  • Wedneday, Oct. 21, 12:40 PM, PPPMB – Joe Heitman Duke University “RNAi-dependent epimutations evoke transient antifungal drug resistance” Host: Teresa Pawlowska, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)

  • Friday, Oct. 23, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Wayne Yokoyama, MD, Sam and Audrey Loew Levin Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Immunology and director of the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Washington University School of Medicine “Control of viral infection by inhibitory natural killer cell receptors” Email: for Zoom info

  • Friday, Oct. 30, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) – Susan Kaech, Professor and Director, SALK NOMIS Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis, NOMIS Chair “Immunological Memory: the key to returning to normalcy” Email: for Zoom info

  • Friday, Nov. 6, 12:15 Microbiology & Immunology (Vet) Daniel Leo Barber, PhD, Chief, T-Lymphocyte Biology Section, NIAID/DIR “Protective and pathogenic T cell responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection” Email: for Zoom info

  • Monday, Nov. 9, 12:20 – EEB – Allison Schultz, Ornithology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, “Evolution across timescales: comparative and population genomics studies of host-pathogen co-evolution in birds,” Host: Lovette, -Meeting ID: 923 9806 2793 – Passcode: eebseminar

  • Wednesday, Nov. 11, 12:40 PM – PPPMB – Neha Potnis Entomology and Plant Pathology, Auburn University “Host adaptation in Xanthomonas species complex” Host: PPPMB GSA, ZOOM: Password: 445725, Contact: Catalina Enright (CLE46) or Gillian Turgeon (BGT1)

  • Friday, Nov. 20, 12:15 – Microbiology & Immunology (Vet)Irene Ule Ngole Sumbele, PhD, Associate Professor Medical Parasitology, University of Buea “Polyparasitism in school-aged children living in the schistosomiasis endemic focus of Muyuka-Cameroon: a cross sectional study on infection outcomes and determinants” Email: for Zoom info

  • Monday, Nov. 23, 3:30 – Entomology – Dr. Berlin Londono Kansas State University “Cancer, virome, arthropod saliva and other unlikely connections in vector-borne diseases” Host: Harrington, Zoom:  Passcode: 920381

  • Monday, Nov. 30, 12:20 – EEB – Esther Ngumbi, Auburn University, “Beneficial soil microbes: powerful drivers of chemically mediated insect-plant interactions,” Host: Sparks -Meeting ID: 923 9806 2793 – Passcode: eebseminar

  • Monday, Dec. 14, 12:20 – EEB – Caitlin McDonald, Dissertation Seminar, “Too little, too late: amphibian responses to infectious disease across time and space,” Host: Zamudio -Meeting ID: 923 9806 2793 – Passcode: eebseminar

  • Monday, Dec. 14, 3:30 – Entomology – Dr. Lukasz Stelinski University of Florida “Life with chronic citrus greening: The intersection of plant innate immunity and IPM” Host: Willett, Zoom:  Passcode: 920381


CIHMID is pleased to announce that we will partner across Cornell campus to co-host seminar speakers.  CIHMID will cover the cost of bringing high-profile speakers into existing seminar series around campus, advertising widely and promoting campus-wide attendance. The premise is that we can subsidize speakers who might otherwise be inaccessible for a standard department seminar and raise awareness of the various series that exist on campus.

If you or your department would like to host a potential CIHMID co-sponsored speaker, please use this form to submit nominations.  The CIHMID seminar committee will meet a few times a year to discuss nominees and select speakers.  All nominators will be notified of decisions after these meetings.

Thank you,
Hector Aguilar-Carreno and Corrie Moreau

CIHMID Seminar Committee